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Velocloud SDWAN Engineer Job Opportunity

Velocloud SDWAN Engineers are necessary for a wide range of duties. They are needed to carry out tasks in all stages of the SDWAN lifecycle. From developing, implementing and deploying configurations, to providing troubleshooting and support, to optimizing existing SDWAN networks. When working with Velocloud SDWAN service providers, your work may include not just the above, but providing your expertise in the sales process, including performing technical demonstrations.

In enterprise-level business, SDWAN systems are proving more and more popular, as a software-driven approach is helping to streamline operations and cut costs. As a result, expertise in specific solutions like Velocloud can help you tap into the growing market for network engineers with a competitive niche.

Versa SDWAN Engineers have the following essential responsibilities

Developing, implementing and deploying SDWAN configurations
Assisting the sales team with technical expertise
Creating and performing technical demonstrations of Velocloud SDWAN
Providing support and troubleshooting technical issues with networks
Creating and following SDWAN implementation plans

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26. 2. 2019
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krishnakanth sharma


Field Engineer